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Titanic Collage: Pronto Plate Prints


St. Louis, MO



Here, an intricate, colored collage of pronto plate prints attempts to convey the depth of feeling with which the world still mourns the Titanic and its passengers. Is the story timeless because of its supremely terrifying nature, like Pompeii? Or is it that, in an industrial age, it remains a stark reminder of the disastrous consequences of overconfidence in technology? The front of the shirt is more symbolic. Six boxes represent the six compartments which flooded. On the back, there is a more literal depiction of the traumatic event: the ship is shown torn in half, the fabric has been cut and sewn back together, pieces are missing and the overall form is distorted. Two ways of representing and understanding the same event: a tragic false sense of security in engineering excellence, and a brutal display of nature's indifference and unrelenting force.

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